Fun Times at Catapult Startup Field Day 2017

April 8 was a gorgeous spring day in Chicago, and the perfect backdrop for our second annual Catapult Startup Field Day. Over 200 people from the Chicago startup community gathered at the Windy City Field House for basketball, bags, and bocce tournaments. 

It was an amazing day, full of bag tossing, beer drinking, layup making, lobster mac & cheese eating, shop talking, bocce ball throwing, pizza devouring, and trash talking.

Occasion Graduates Catapult

Occasion is now in the alumni column! Congratulations to Occasion, the first company to move out (or should we say grow out?) of Catapult in 2017. Occasion is a scheduling-based e-commerce platform founded in 2013 by Aksh Gupta, Pelle ten Cate and Kieran Klaasen (we love their “met through Airbnb” founding story). The Occasion online calendar solution helps small businesses seamlessly take bookings, promote their business, and manage operations across all channels.

Catapult Hosts WorldChicago Fellow

Catapult is privileged to host a Fellow as part of the WorldChicago Professional Fellows Program. Andrea Cordas, Managing Director at startup accelerator SPARK Business Park in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is spending her Fellowship in Chicago working at Catapult this month. SPARK is a privately funded accelerator with the mission to boost innovation, increase technology, and develop entrepreneurship in the region. 

3PM Marketplace Solutions Joins Catapult

We are excited to welcome 3PM Marketplace Solutions to the Catapult community.

Marketplace websites are the future of online retail. Amazon is the leader, while Alibaba, Walmart, Target, and others are rapidly expanding. There are billions of listings and millions of third party sellers, creating a massive problem for brands. It is a never ending challenge to know who is selling your products and how they are being sold. Enter 3PM Marketplace Solutions.

The Black Sheep Graduates Catapult

Congratulations to The Black Sheep, joining the Catapult graduating class of 2016!

The Black Sheep is a collegiate media and marketing company focused on the millennial audience. Through an integrated, multi-platform approach (including on campus, digital, social, email and print), local and national brands can more authentically and effectively reach the collegiate demographic. The core of The Black Sheep brand is humorous, engaging content written by students, for students, at their own school, thereby building an audience base for clients to reach through the various channels.

Catapult Welcomes Rippleshot

We are proud to announce that Rippleshot has moved into Catapult. 

Rippleshot uses predictive technology to provide a cutting-edge breach detection solution to financial institutions, processors and merchants. Using cloud-based, big data analytics to detect compromises of payment card information dramatically faster than current approaches, Rippleshot allows its users to proactively monitor for suspicious activities and take action when the breach (and the financial risk) is still small. When compromises occur, Rippleshot helps banks and credit unions implement smarter fraud risk management strategies, whether that’s to re-issue a card at high risk, or write smarter decline rules to keep fraud losses and customer disturbances to a minimum.

MortgageHippo Joins Catapult

MortgageHippo is dedicated to giving the homebuyer an exceptional mortgage experience. The MortgageHippo platform breaks down the mortgage process into easy-to-follow steps and questions, helping borrowers make important financial decisions along the way. Their algorithms capture millions of variations to deliver a highly personalized experience to each borrower and match them with a loan from a partner-lender that fits their needs.

Instant E-Training Graduates Catapult

Instant E-Training is graduating Catapult and relocating to San Francisco. 

Instant E-Training is a leading provider of on-demand digital marketing training. Founded in 2011 by Bob Tripathi, the fully bootstrapped company has trained thousands of adult professionals in all areas of digital marketing including Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics.