New Companies (yes, plural)

Catapult is excited to welcome UrbanStat and Rhabit to the community. They are different faces of innovation and both a lot to bring to the table. 

UrbanStat is a quick and complicated tool that was first founded by Anil and Nilgun Celik in Turkey. It helps insurers better predict the likelihood of “make or break” claims at the time of underwriting. Its fully automated underwriting API utilizes a unique ensemble of geographic and statistical modeling, machine learning, and human intelligence. UrbanStat offers an end-to-end analytic product which enables underwriters, risk engineers, reinsurance and C-level managers to prepare and access visual and spatial reports for their millions of customers within seconds.

Founded by brothers Connor and Jeff, Rhabit is set to officially launch their online sports coaching platform very soon. Rhabit, which stands for repeated habit, allows subscribers to access coaching from current & retired professional players, college coaches, and top developmental coaches through on-demand videos and one-to-one interactive lessons all online. To help users reach their full potential, the online sports education platform features instruction and perspectives from the world’s top coaches and players.