911 Security Joins Catapult

Catapult is excited to welcome 911 Security to its community of technology startups.

911 Security provides integrated enterprise physical security solutions. They enable schools and businesses to share live camera streams on-demand with police, fire, and EMS during critical circumstances allowing them to gain access instantly to evaluate the situation.

Founders Fadi Tabbara and Kinan Sweidan moved into Catapult last month. It’s not easy catching the team in the office though - they’ve been traveling around the country meeting with clients and their many employees and contractors in Dallas, Texas.

“We love the Catapult community!” says Kinan. “It’s productive and friendly, and we get to work with the most interesting entrepreneurs in Chicago. We are looking forward to growing our business and collaborating with other startups here.”

The feeling is mutual. “911 Security is such an interesting company, on the cutting edge of security services. Fadi and Kinan are the first founders at Catapult in this sector, and we are excited to learn more about their business  and for the insights they can share with our community,” said April Lane, Catapult’s Executive Director.