Catapult Chicago Companies Raise $8M in Funding

We are delighted to announce that our resident companies have raised more than $8M in outside funding since joining Catapult Chicago last spring. This funding came from a variety of investors, from notable individuals like Sam Yagan and Brian Spaly to well known venture capital firms like Bessemer Venture Partners and the FireStarter Fund. Four of nine Catapult companies have raised more than $1M, since joining, including:

  • Bucketfeet: $1.86M from Brian Spaly, Founder Bonobos, CEO Trunk Club and others to remain anonymous
  • Procured Health: $1.1M from Jonathan Bush, CEO and co-founder of Athena Health, Fidelity Biosciences, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Oxeon Partners
  • ShiftGig: $2.5M from  I2A Fund, FireStarter Fund and Red Barn Investments
  • StyleSeek: $1M from investors to remain anonymous
Another notable mention includes TempoDB, a time series database company that has raised $750,000 since joining Catapult from investors, including: TechStars, Data Collective, Lew Moorman (President, Rackspace), John Engates (CTO, Rackspace), Jason Seats (Managing Director, TechStars Cloud).

Catapult’s collaborative community of like-minded businesses and flexible workspace help these companies to grow quickly while receiving the support they need. We are proud of our resident companies and proud to contribute to Chicago’s startup ecosystem.

Check out the Crain’s article: