Catapult in Tribune's Blue Sky Innovations


Catapult Chicago was featured in the Chicago Tribune's Blue Sky Innovation last week, in James Janega's series Inside Views on Chicago's Coworking Spaces. Janega highlights the richness of Catapult's offerings and our unique peer selection process (and the University of Michigan influences!). Vishal Shah, a Catapult and VLinks Media co-founder, said it best about Catapult's later-stage startups: “Each of these companies has accomplished something pretty impressive. One thing we harp on a lot at Catapult: We’re not interested in funding traction. We want to hear about business traction: Landing a new customer, getting product out into the market.”

Check out the article to see pictures of many Catapult teams, including: StyleSeek, MentorMob, VLinks Media, and Buzz Digital.