Catapult's Mason & Shah on Business Rockstars

Business rockstars

Catapult co-founders Galen Mason and Vishal Shah were recently interviewed by Ken Rutkowski on the Business Rockstars radio show. You can listen (and watch) on YouTube (fast forward to around 15:30). Galen (attorney at Foley & Lardner, a Catapult sponsor) and Vishal (co-founder and CEO of LearnCore, a Catapult resident) talk all things Catapult and the Chicago tech startup ecosystem. Chicago is an "epicenter of opportunity." Rutkowski argues there are 5 keys to a successful startup scene, and Chicago has all of them:

  1. Accessibility to rent/warehouses (yup)
  2. University structure (in Chicago and throughout the midwest)
  3. Venture capital (improving)
  4. Airports (2 Chicago + Milwaukee)
  5. EDM scene (hmmm, not sure how this one fits in but OK)

In the interview, Galen and Vishal cover a lot of ground, including Catapult's history and goals, its non-profit structure and corporate sponsors, and the unique Peer Selection process. Nice shout-outs to cleverbridge, Catapult's Everest Program mentor, and to April Lane, "leading the charge" as Catapult's Executive Director.