Celebrate with Catapult!

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With help from Catapult Chicago’s startups, getting ready for the Fourth of July has never been easier. Looking for the perfect outfit to pledge allegiance? Take StyleSeek’s StyleGame to find the clothes that will really show off your patriotism.

Speaking of fashion...how about some red, white, and blue Bucketfeet to complete your look? With plenty of styles and artists to choose from, you'll have everyone asking, "where did you get those shoes?"

While you're relaxing by the lake, catch up on the latest happenings with The Black Sheep. There's no better time than now to relive your college days and celebrate your independence.

After you've read all about the bar specials near you, take a break and go fish! Fishing Enthusiast has got you covered with gifts for the fishermen in your life (and there's nothing wrong with giving a gift to yourself!).

Nothing gets you ready for the holiday quite like a solid playlist. Tactify's Sharetapes allow you to make a playlist on YouTube, Spotify, 8tracks and more, then write it to a blank tape and share it with your friends. Tim McGraw, anyone?

Want to host an American-themed party but don't know where to start? Dabble and Knoitall can help you find a class to make party planning easy. Soon you'll know exactly how to bake festive pastries and create the perfect party table.

If all else fails and you still can't find anything to do? Play some games! MyTasteBud.com can tell you which Disney princess you are and what type of vacation you should take.

Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing July 4th!