2012 Flipped Classroom Conference Opening Reception at Catapult


On June 18th, MentorMob is proud to host the opening reception for the 5th annual Flipped Conference. Proponents of “flipped classrooms” are interested in transitioning from an educational model where students passively listen to a teacher who functions as thesage on the stage to an environment where students actively work through new concepts while the teacher serves as a guide on the side.

And the Flipped Conference gives these educators a place to cultivate ideas, share experiences, and develop course work around the flipped classroom model.

Science teacher Aaron Sams explains how it all works:


So by taking advantage of the latest educational technologies, a student’s experience can actually become more collaborative.


Learn more about how and why teachers flip their classrooms in this Learning Playlist, edited by five different MentorMob users:

In person tickets for the Flipped Conference have sold out, but you can still register for virtual attendance.