Foley's Growth Company Event Series - Recap

Catapult Foley event

Establishing your brand and protecting your creative output are fundamental to your growing startup. On Tuesday night, Catapult and sponsor Foley & Lardner hosted a program and networking event addressing best practices in the selection, use and protection of trademarks and copyrighted works. The panelists were knowledgeable and the food was tasty. Why does no one ever want to sit in the front row?! Here are some highlights:

  • Invest in a trademark search when filing your application for registration; the minimum legal expenses you pay for a search in the outset is a fraction of the fees your company will pay if you have to later change your mark and/or pay-off in litigation expenses
  • There's not a general business life cycle term when determining when "best" for a startup to file a trademark application; timing comes down to the strength of the mark; it's intended use; and the market your company plans to serve
  • When hiring remote developers to build code for your website/company, be sure to include an assignment clause in the work contract assigning all rights of the work to you and/or your company

We're looking forward to the next event!