Instant E-Training Graduates Catapult

Instant E-Training has graduated from Catapult and is relocating to San Francisco!

Instant E-Training is a leading provider of on-demand digital marketing training. Founded in 2011 by Bob Tripathi, the fully bootstrapped company has trained thousands of adult professionals in all areas of digital marketing including Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics.  

2016 brings an exciting new chapter for Instant E-Training, as Bob and the team are moving to San Francisco. According to Bob, “Increasingly, we noticed that a large majority of our clients were in the San Francisco Bay Area so adhering to the old adage to ‘go where your customers are’ we have decided to move.”

“It has been an amazing 18 months at Catapult,” said Bob. “The camaraderie that comes from being part of such a tight knit community allowed us to focus on the Technology side of our business, not just on the Digital Marketing Content side.” As a result, the company is building out a new Marketing Technology Platform sparxit.iodeveloped with “valuable input from the Catapult community.”

“It has been an enriching experience sharing space with fellow tech companies who understand how startups are scaled. We love Catapult, especially for the small feel and quiet that allows us to put our heads down and ‘get shit done.’ Hiring was also easy as most new hires wanted to work in a startup environment like Catapult, have great views, and get free beers at Friday Happy Hours!”

The Catapult community has equally enjoyed having Instant E-Training around, and has benefited greatly from Bob’s digital marketing expertise. Everyone at Catapult appreciates Bob’s willingness to share his knowledge, provide guidance, and offer discounted (or free!) training through the Instant E-Training webinars, certification programs, and on-demand training videos.

April Lane, Catapult’s Executive Director said, “Chicago’s loss is San Francisco’s gain. We look forward to hearing about their new platform and the growth of their business. We wish Instant E-Training the best of luck out West.”