Jio Joins Catapult

We are excited to welcome Jio to the Catapult community, our first new Resident of the new year. Jio is building the next generation of wearables (called “invisibles”) that integrate seamlessly into clothing, textiles and apparel accessories. Jio believes that wearable technology should blend into the background, not be big and bulky. Jio uses a unique low power sensor with a battery life 10x that of the closest wearable devices (no more charging every day!).

Founded by John Renaldi, Roger Ady, and Ed Marabotto in 2015, the Jio team has quickly expanded across the country. There are 6 employees here in Chicago, with 4 additional folks in California, Texas, and Florida. Jio also has an impressive roster of advisors, including Lior Ron, who led Google’s geo products efforts (Google Maps) and Dennis Roberson, Vice Provost of IIT.

2016 is looking to be a big year for Jio. They are currently in stealth mode and expect to announce their first product, Jiobit, later this year. Also on the docket - raising funding. “Catapult gives us the ability to put our heads down and focus,” said John Renaldi. “We have our own private space to host clients and have conference calls. And, we’re excited to be surrounded by the other ‘serious’ companies at Catapult.”

“I am very impressed by the Jio team and their company mission," said April Lane, Catapult’s Executive Director. "They are a great fit for Catapult and we look forward to having them be a part of our community.”

You can follow them at @jiobit or register to find out more at