Keys for Building a Strong Workforce, guest post by Patrick Cerone, EmpowerHR


The following guest post is derived from, Keys to Building a Strong Workforce, a summary of a panel discussion led by EmpowerHR at TechWeek 2013. Thank you to Catapult sponsor EmpowerHR for sharing this insight with our community.

Keys for Building a Strong Workforce

by Patrick Cerone, Marketing Manager, EmpowerHR

Every company wants to be known as a great employer but identifying the best areas to focus your limited time and resources can be a huge challenge. If this sounds familiar, consider taking a step backwards to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes seeing the whole process can help you hone in on how to better invest in your strongest asset: your people. Let’s take a quick look at the four keys that can help you build a stronger workforce.


People are the strongest element of any company. Not surprisingly, this makes the hiring process incredibly important! Many companies make the mistake of focusing on their business plan to the exclusion of their company culture, employee communications and consistent company policies. Truly great organizations ensure that their hiring process evolves with the company - this means hiring people who are more than just a skills match. Great hires fit the culture, understand policies and can grow with the job - making them a great match today and 18 months down the road.


Once you've successfully connected with the right talent, it’s important to create an onboarding process that anticipates growth, engages existing staff, and stays true to the company’s culture.  At the very least, your new employees’ onboarding experience should match everything they were told or experienced in the interview process. First impressions only happen once!


Building a successful workforce does not end with hiring and integrating talent - it flourishes with the professional development of established employees. Burn-out is the enemy and it can be avoided! Embrace the responsibility to survey, train and develop your workforce - your employees will be more engaged and productive and your business will be more successful. If you invest in your people, they will invest in you.


We've all heard the cliche that “timing is everything.” In business, it’s true. Leaders often need to make decisions that are best for the group but aren't popular to implement. Communication can even be uncomfortable (think: letting an employee go); but when managed appropriately, company morale can be maintained and even boosted. Small businesses particularly struggle with this - they are often quick to hire and slow to let go. But holding on to an under-performing teammate can be more damaging to the business and your other employees than just letting them go. While a strong workforce can be a company’s best asset, a poor functioning workforce may be the demise.

Now that you've got a taste of the big picture - download a complimentary copy of the white paper, Keys to Growing a Strong Workforce, for the full story.