Kumbuya Joins Catapult

Kumbuya blog

A warm Catapult welcome to Kumbuya, our newest resident! Kumbuya is a social commerce platform that connects like-minded individuals through common interests. On Kumbuya, users join and create themed "Communities" where members connect over the things they love by posting topic-related media, comments, and user-generated content. Because communities are curated by the most enthusiastic fans, members get to engage in a beautiful medium that caters directly to their interests. Unlike other existing social platforms that turn users into their commodities, Kumbuya empowers users to benefit from the community, allowing them to buy and sell products directly within their community.

Founded in September 2012 by CEO Joshua Karp, Kumbuya has over 75,000 users as part of 7300 communities.  Josh and his team bring creativity, teamwork, high energy and passion to Catapult.  We're excited to have them be a part of our collaborative startup community!