Learnerator Joins Catapult

Learnerator blog

Catapult is excited to announce that Learnerator, the online test prep platform, has joined Catapult. Learnerator combines world-class content with innovative delivery mechanisms. With comprehensive practice questions and accompanying explanations developed by expert teachers, students will build confidence, be better prepared, and understand concepts more deeply. The courses represent the higher end of the academic spectrum (AP, ACT, SAT) and seek to teach these tougher concepts through practice and interactivity. Learnerator's mission is to help people master their understanding of complex academic subjects and add a sense of enjoyment and discovery to learning.

Learnerator was recently featured in Built in Chicago: Why Test Prep Platform Learnerator is Building a Business Based on Content, Not on Tech. 

We welcome founders Luke Liu and Will Yang, and the entire Learnerator team, to our Catapult community!