MentorMob Graduates Catapult

MentorMob graduates

Congratulations to MentorMob, first in the Catapult "graduating class" of 2015! MentorMob, the lifestyle learning website, has been a vital part of the Catapult community from the beginning - it was one of the original five resident companies. Kris Chinosorn, co-founder and Chief Executive "Mobster," is also a co-founder of Catapult.

The goal of MentorMob, as Vince Leung, co-founder and Chief Technology "Mobster" explains, is "to make it easier for anyone in the world to learn a new hobby, interest, or lifestyle as well as to interact with like-minded people in each of those communities."

The team took a brief hiatus from Catapult in the summer of 2013 to participate in the 3 month intensive Kaplan EdTech Techstars Accelerator program in New York City. In March of 2014, MentorMob headed southwest to Austin, TX where they were a finalist to pitch during the 6th annual SXSW Interactive Accelerator. Read more about MentorMob in our Company Profile series.

Best of luck to Vince, Kris, and their entire team of "mobsters." We look forward to exciting things from MentorMob in 2015!