Oso Technologies Joins Catapult

We are excited to announce Oso Technologies has joined the Catapult community.  

Oso Technologies is an Internet of Things company. Their first product, PlantLink, makes it easier to monitor and take care of plants, leading to successful gardening.  

Using soil moisture sensors and latching valves with Internet-connected wireless infrastructure, the PlantLink monitor takes away the guessing game, keeping you informed of when your plants need to be watered. Coming later this summer is PlantLink 2.0, PlantLink Lush, which includes an auto-watering valve.

Mercedes Mane took over the company in 2015 as CEO, with a strong plan for growth (pun intended). She raised capital, increased inventory, expanded software development, created a mobile app, and pumped up sales and marketing.

PlantLink is currently sold at home and garden stores, including Home Depot and Lowe’s, and online at Amazon. New this year, Plant Link has partnered with Scotts Miracle Gro, the leader in lawn care, as part of their innovative “Connected Yard” program.

Led by Mane, along with Creative Director Brent Wagner, Chief Scientist Kannan Puthuval, and VP of Software Engineer Luke Scharf, the Oso leadership brings vast experience in product development, plant biology and technology. They round out their 9 person team with employees at their two offices in Urbana and Chicago (at Catapult). They are hiring and increasing their headcount in both locations.

“The main reason we moved into Catapult is to be around more companies at the same stage of business,” said Mercedes Mane. “We want to be around other people who are going through the same things we are. The views don’t hurt either.”

“We’re excited to have Oso join our community. They are a dynamic team with extensive experience in launching, manufacturing, and distributing products,” said Michelle Soble, Catapult’s Marketing Director. “And as a person without a green thumb, I’m excited to also be a PlantLink customer!”

You can follow Oso Technologies at @myPlantLink or find out more at http://myplantlink.com. To read more about their story and what they are up to, check out the PlantLink blog.