Rithmio Graduates Catapult

We are proud to announce that Rithmio has graduated from Catapult.

Rithmio is a wearables company that makes motion software products. Its technology is used by fitness brands and consumer electronics companies to create activity trackers, connected clothing or smartwatch apps.

In 2016, Rithmio debuted its first consumer-facing product, Rithmio EDGE (see video demo). EDGE pairs with supported wearables to track a user’s weight lifting workout so he or she can end a workout with stats. The Beta version of the application is available on Android Wear smartwatches and an Apple Watch version of the app will be available this summer.

Founded in 2014 by Adam Tilton (CEO) and Dr. Prashant Mehta (CTO) at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Rithmio continues to have offices in Chicago and Champaign, IL. Rithmio builds motion software for fitness and health markets. In the future, the technology could be applied to human-computer interaction, gaming, security and industrial use cases.

Rithmio moved into Catapult in October 2014 after raising a $650,000 Angel round. At the time, they were a small team of 5 employees. In June 2015, they raised a $3M Seed Round of venture funding co-led by Intel Capital and KGC Capital. They now have 15 employees - 12 of which are in Chicago. This year, they have been adding a new member to the team monthly. (See current openings.)  

The Rithmio team at Catapult.

The Rithmio team at Catapult.

“Catapult was a great community for us to grow in as a team and product company. We look forward to continuing to contribute to the Catapult startup community,” said Adam Tilton.  

“Rithmio is a hard-working, dedicated team that also has fun together and with the other Catapult companies. It’s been a pleasure having a front row seat watching their growth,” said April Lane, Executive Director of Catapult. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with Rithmio, especially as we build up our alumni program.”

You can follow them at @Rithmio and @RithmioEDGE or find out more at http://rithmio.com.