Roompact and BondingPoint Join Catapult


Two promising startups are joining Catapult. Roompact and BondingPoint are innovative tech companies led by smart, dedicated entrepreneurs with energetic teams.

Roompact predicts, prevents, and reduces roommate conflict in college and university Residence Halls. Roompact works with industry leaders to analyze data about roommates and help university staff take action. Roompact was recently featured in USA Today College. We welcome Roompact founder Matt Unger and his team.

BondingPoint is a cloud-based consumer engagement platform that, on the front-end, enables brands to deliver their own white-labeled virtual currency and reward program - engaging and rewarding a user at the exact moment of any digital or social interaction. On the back-end, the platform collects permission-based use data - empowering the brand with rich data and business intelligence, and allowing for more refined marketing efforts. We welcome CEO John Calzaretta and his team.