Scholastica Graduates Catapult

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Congratulations to Scholastica, graduating Catapult and moving into their own office space. When Scholastica joined Catapult in September 2013, they were a company of 4. Led by founders Brian Cody (CEO), Rob Walsh (Design), and Cory Schires (Technology), they are now 8 strong and growing - both their team and their business.

Founded in 2010, Scholastica has brought much needed innovation to academic publishing. They provide a publishing platform that makes it easy for scholars to manage manuscripts, find editors and reviewers, and publish journals online. They have streamlined the peer-reviewed journal management process by providing all the technology needed. In addition, the Scholastica team continues to be passionate about making research available to a wide audience, advocating for open access publishing.

During their tenure at Catapult, the Scholastica team has been an active part of our community - setting a positive example for all the new residents that have followed. As Scholastica looks to the future, we look back and remember their 18 months at Catapult:

Catapult Welcomes Scholastica

Making History Accessible:

Brian Cody on the tasty trade's Bootstrapping in America

Trying to disrupt the high price of academic publishing in Crain's

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We wish Brian, Rob, Cory and their growing team the best of luck. We are thrilled for their success, but we will miss seeing them around the office every day!