Tactify Company Profile

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We recently spoke with another Catapult newcomer, Daniel Beatty of Tactify. Tactify is an associate resident of Catapult and offers easy mobile marketing solutions using the latest technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication) and Beacon (BLE) to deliver a level of engagement to mobile marketing not yet seen before. Tactify allows you to create printed media and beacons that connect to Mobile content, like business cards, promotional cards, stickers, even digital mixtapes (Sharetapes). Their software allows easy creation, real time management, and analytics, so campaigns get the highest possible return on investment. With an idea this innovative and complex, it's natural to wonder how Tactify got started. Beatty explains that NFC technology was fascinating, but under-utilized in the current market. The company founders all have a deep background in smartphone/mobile technology so when they noticed the industry building NFC chips into the phones, they saw it as a great opportunity to breathe life into the space. The key was to develop a way to manage that content online, so it could be adapted into the latest technology, as it evolved, like Beacon.

When asked what differentiates Tactify and its team members from other entrepreneurs in the technology industry, Tactify’s Content Management System is what really sets them apart. This system allows you to update your messaging of the NFC and Beacon products you purchase with Tactify real-time, as well as retrieve detailed analytics on the execution. Beatty explains that people often “realize their projects can be adapted after they sign on the dotted line, allowing them full control over the execution and the greatest chance of the highest return on investment”.

Even with Tactify’s distinctive Content Management System, fear is inevitable when you are an entrepreneur. Beatty’s greatest fear is “worrying that no one likes your idea. That, and running out of funding right before the tipping point.” Despite this, however, Tactify continues to grow and generate new ideas for the business by utilizing a discussion channel where team members can post interesting articles relevant to the industry. Ultimately, these posts lead to discussion and brainstorming. If the idea gets enough traction with the team, time is assigned for someone to see if real value exists.

Although the company’s headquarters are in Sydney, Australia, Beatty would like to have more staff spaced around the US in key markets to leverage Tactify's diverse portfolio and creativity. With the team communicating from Australia to the US and vice versa, celebrating success consists of a high five via webcam. Even with the fifteen-hour time difference, the Tactify team finds plenty of time to discuss solutions to problems. Beatty explains that the team is “very open and candid and [we] don’t take failures personally. We are growing and learning constantly.”

Since the majority of Tactify’s team is in Australia, Beatty values the opportunities at Catapult to learn from others in the space. With constant ideas being shared among the Catapult members and events promoting communication among companies, there is always knowledge to gain about how to grow one’s business.

Tactify’s future looks bright. In the next few years, Beatty would like to see Tactify establish a strong foothold in the mobile marketing industry, with satellite offices in few major markets in the US. They would like to triple their workforce, providing more jobs to individuals and have well-developed relationships with localized partners and distributors, allowing even faster turnaround times. We are so happy to have Dan Beatty and the rest of his team at Catapult.