Graduation Caps for 3PM Solutions, Junto, and Rent like a champion!

We're proud to announce our three recent Catapult graduates!


We'll miss seeing these smiling faces every day!

We'll miss seeing these smiling faces every day!

3PM Solutions is a global analytics provider focused on eCommerce marketplace websites like Amazon, eBay and Walmart. 3PMs cloud-based platform provides users with the best in class dataset and solutions to increase eCommerce revenue. From never before seen insights to metrics that measure eCommerce performance, 3PM is trusted by the most recognized Fortune 500 brands.

3PM joined Catapult in August 2016.  They began 2017 with an annual recurring revenue (ARR) below one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and passed the one million dollar milestone prior to exiting Catapult. During their tenure, the team tripled and clients increased fifteenfold.

“Passing this milestone for a SaaS company is a big accomplishment, said Rob Dunkel, Founder. “Catapult was a great experience and I look forward to continuing the relationship.” They’ve left the Catapult nest and moved into their own office space. Best of luck to Rob and the 3PM Solutions team! Stay in touch with them at 3pm.ai.

THe junto institute

The Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership is an accelerator for growth-stage startups with a unique focus on emotional intelligence, education, and mentoring. Founder Raman Chadha began setting Junto's course in 2010 and was later joined by Catherine Jelinek. The company launched its pilot program and first cohort in 2013. Inspired by Benjamin Franklin's model of uniting entrepreneurs of his time, Junto creates an educational space that brings mentors, instructors, and entrepreneurs together to unleash their own growing power. 


While they were residents of Catapult, Junto did some growing of their own. Junto bootstrapped and brought on 5 new hires, bringing their team to 7. Now, with 20 graduate companies, they are expanding to LA. We are so proud to have gotten to know a company with so many similar values and aspirations for the field of entrepreneurship. Follow them on Twitter: @JuntoInst and learn more at thejuntoinstitute.com.

Rent Like a Champion

Rent Like A Champion started out as a Notre Dame student housing rental company that happened to list a vacant apartment as a weekend rental for a football game and it turned out so well that the company was able to pivot into their current space. "Many college towns lack the infrastructure to support the tens of thousands of football fans who flock to town on game weekends," says Mike Doyle, CEO of Rent Like A Champion. "We're all college football fans so we had experienced first hand the difficulty in finding lodging in these situations. Rent Like A Champion gives traveling fans the option to stay in a home close to campus, and keep their friends and family under one roof."

Behold, as they lunch like champions!

Behold, as they lunch like champions!

The Company joined Catapult in 2015 and during their tenure the company appeared on Shark Tank twice and were able to raise $200K from those appearances. They have also expanded their reach by partnering with 10 PGA Tour events which include hosting golfers, tournament sponsors, and tournament vendors.  Along the way they also increased their revenue twofold on an annual basis and added 2,500 new homes to their platform.

We’re sad to see Rent Like A Champion leave but, we’re excited to see what comes next for them. Follow them on Twitter: @RentLikeAChampion and learn more at rentlikeachampion.com.

While parting is such sweet sorrow, we are excited to cheer on our graduating alumni as they continue on their journey!