Taplingua is Changing the Way People Learn a Foreign Language


The Taplingua App is now available on iTunes for the iPad - congratulations to the whole Taplingua team! This is not your child's Spanish 101... Taplingua offers a cool new approach to language learning specifically for adults using a practical, immersive approach. Developed by Dr. Cristina Guijarro Cazorla and a team of University of Chicago PhDs in collaboration with Santanu DasGupta, founder of Tapclix Inc., Taplingua engages you right away with video of native dialogue, useful instruction and interactive learning with real-time feedback. Think real-life conversations you would have while navigating Spanish cafes, not flashcards. You'll be using complete sentences right away. Summer vacation to Spain anyone?!

Check out this great review of Taplingua by leading Edtech blogger David Kapuler!

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