The Founder's Wall


Walk through the doors of Catapult and you’ll notice right away that something looks different. You'll see a striking mural on the big wall in the common area. 

Painted by local Chicago artist Nora Renick-Rinehart, the mural is based on an art project she conducted for the whole year of 2013 where she matched paint swatches, such as Reflecting PoolOcean Tropic and Flying Fish, to the color of the sky at different times each day (get the amazing story of "365: Blue is the Sky" on her flickr page). The effect is both cool and welcoming.

Take a closer look and you will notice signature plaques in several of the colored squares. Every founder from every company that has been a resident at Catapult (including the 5 Founders of Catapult: Ryan Leavitt, Vishal Shah, Kris Chinosorn, Galen Mason and Chris Cain), has a signature plaque on the wall. The founders, the exceptional leaders of the companies at Catapult, are what make Catapult, well… Catapult. 

Check out the before, during, and after pictures!