Our new(ish) company has us smiling

Our new(ish) company brings innovation to market research. Founded by Michele Smyth, this unique platform enables photo-based surveys that help researchers better understand consumer lifestyles. The idea is to go deeper than surveys and broader than focus groups. This new method gives insight to consumer lifestyles.

As an app user, you take selfies with instructions. For each task you can earn anywhere between 20 cents and a dollar. Plus, a dollar on Selfie Saturdays. When you’ve accumulated 20 dollars in your piggy bank, you cash out and receive a check. Easy.

On the brand side, you can sponsor a selfie and put your brand on the assignment and offer a discount to those that completed your assignment. And all of that is on top of gaining a better understanding of consumers and what they want.

A number of things make Pay Your Selfie unique, the blend of computer vision and human intelligence, the general idea, being woman founded, and the idea itself.

You can find them here: http://www.payyourselfie.com/ or Twitter: @Pay_Your_Selfie or IG: PayYourSelfie