As a non-profit, our sponsors play a vital role in helping our companies scale. Sponsors are typically forward thinking businesses interested in supporting our mission by providing financial support as well as access to their respective organizations and resources.

Interested in becoming a Catapult sponsor?

We think you'll find Catapult to be a refreshing change when it comes to sponsorship. Sponsorship contributions aren't pie in the sky numbers based on what we need to meet Catapult's budget. Rather, we work with each sponsor to come up with a contribution based on the value they can develop from the market. We cultivate several sponsor-specific programs for our current and alumni companies and have an open door policy as sponsors are always welcome in our space. We also invite our sponsors to a quarterly lunch (usually BBQ) to compare notes and collaborate amongst themselves as well as the companies.

PLATFORM Supporters

Platform Supporters provide products or services to help our startups catapult to the next level.

We invite you to contact us to learn how you can become a Platform Supporter of Catapult! Platform Supporters play a vital role to scaling the next wave of start-ups.


As a member of the Catapult Community, you'll also receive discounts for the following providers:

Community Partners

We partner with organizations that help support the Chicago Tech Ecosystem.