Finding an office is easy, finding a community is harder. At Catapult Chicago, we believe that community is the seed to success, so why not have both? Since 2012, we’ve been cultivating a tight-knit community of promising startups through founder mentorship and experience sharing. Together, we’re making the world around us more interesting by empowering the best founders and companies to help each other scale. Catapult is the only non-profit community for startups with business traction. We do NOT take equity in our companies. Our mission? To help you succeed. 


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OFFICES & Membership

More than coworking


This is the network you need at this stage of your startup growth. With the support of our peer-selected community of founders who know what you’re going through and companies at a similar stage, navigating the highs and lows of your startup just got a whole lot easier.



Actionable and tactical programming for where your company is right now. We offer hands-on mentoring with startups that have been there before, confidential forums with your fellow founders, and topical roundtable discussions to help you tackle your pain points. 


Why Startup Founders Love Catapult


"Catapult was a great springboard for our entrepreneurial journey. It afforded us a great space in the heart of the city, access to major corporate partners for a variety of services, and most importantly, allowed us to join a community of other great entrepreneurs."

- Raaja Nemani, Bucketfeet

Catapult Alumni

"At Catapult, it is much easier to buckle down and get work done. There are fewer distractions and everyone has their own private space. I also like the fact that the companies are generally further along and in similar company life-stages."

- Mike Doyle, Rent Like A Champion

Catapult ALUMNI


"Catapult is just the right size where you actually build friendships and relationships with the other companies and founders. The Founders Forum is one-of-a-kind - the founders are at a similar stage in Catapult and can share experiences with a reliable, trusted group of peers."

- Amanda Bohl, supplyvision

Catapult Alumni