Catapult Impact Report

Catapult Chicago opened its doors in 2012 for startups with traction, product market fit and generated revenue. On Friday, April 26th, Catapult celebrated 7 years of helping Chicago startups scale. 

Over the last 7 years, Catapult has built a community of founders who uphold the mission that Catapult co-founders, Ryan Leavitt and Vishal Shah, set when they opened Catapult’s doors with the help of Chris Cain and Galen Mason of Foley & Lardner. Catapult’s success can be contributed to the community cultivated through founder empowerment and experience sharing. Today, 86% of Catapult’s startups are operational or have been acquired.

Catapult’s peer selection process can be described as the “secret-sauce” in Catapult’s success. On average, companies who incubate in Catapult scale their company 187% and have an average annual revenue of $2.9 Million. Since 2012, Catapult has incubated over 52 companies with 90+ founders who have raised over $309 Million.

2019 provides more growth for Catapult in their new space located at 227 W Monroe. With an increase in office space and prices below market value, Catapult provides more opportunity to help startups with their strategic growth. They have also launched a new tier of sponsorship, the Platform Supporter, for companies who are looking to support our community.

To learn more, download the official Impact Report.