Digital Mint Joins Catapult

We are excited to welcome Digital Mint to the Catapult community.

Founded in November, 2014 by Marc Grens and Jonathan Solomon, Digital Mint empowers consumers to participate in the online economy by providing bitcoin kiosks as “digital on-ramps” for their cash. Bitcoin allows the movement of money more efficiently, and gives consumers another option from traditional financial services.

Marc and Jonathan are passionate about their mission to “empower the disenfranchised by the current financial system.” According to the FDIC, 22% of eligible Americans (68 million citizens) are classified as “underbanked,” that is customers who have limited access to bank accounts and credit cards necessary for ecommerce. Digital Mint addresses this issue by serving these underserved consumers in “financial deserts.”

The Digital Mint crew

The Digital Mint crew

This fintech company is on to something. They currently operate 28 bitcoin kiosks in 5 states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Arizona), with more kiosks in more states coming by midsummer. Digital Mint moved into Catapult a team of 5, and have already increased their headcount.

Marc and Jonathan come to Catapult with vast experience in the financial services and business arenas, and are active members of the Chicago FinTech community. Jonathan, along with his Digital Mint CEO duties, is Executive Director of the Chicago Bitcoin Center.

“Catapult gives us a sense of community that we can get involved in,” said Jonathan Solomon. Added Marc Grens, “we like being around other serious companies and look forward to collaborating with the other founders.

“We’re impressed with the team, especially their passion for the Digital Mint mission and their drive to succeed,” said April Lane, Catapult’s Executive Director. “They have jumped right into the community - you wouldn’t know they just moved in.”

You can follow them at @DigitalMintIO or find out more at