Get to Know Our New Community Coordinator!

We're happy to welcome Elyse Dawson as Catapult Chicago's Community Coordinator!

5 Things To Know About Elyse

1. Originally from Beavercreek, Ohio, she moved to Chicago in 2010.

2. When she's not rocking the office, she's an actor and stage combatant. She is Co-Artistic Director of Babes With Blades Theatre Company

3. She's a big horror buff and has a podcast, called The Girls Next Gore where she and her co host review movies.

4. She <3s video games and grew up as a SEGA kid. Her favorite console is the Dreamcast and some of her favorite games are Shenmue, Dragon's Lair, and Red Dead Redemption.

5. She is convinced that peanut butter will be the best nutritional supply in an emergency state.