How to Increase Sales for B2B Startups

Catapult speakers

Check out this great article in Technori by MentorMob's Charles Perry about an impressive expert panel at Catapult Chicago earlier this spring.  Catapult Residents were wowed by the 4 panelists' expertise and varied perspective on how to increase business to business sales. Greg Goff (CTO at Morningstar, a buyer), Dan Dal Degan (SVP Sales at, a seller), Reese Schroeder (Managing Director at Motorola Solutions Venture Capital, a connector) and Rishi Shah (CEO of Centext Media, an entrepreneur) all provided their own viewpoint on how to find the decision maker and build relationships; navigate procurement to deal with budgets and billing cycles; and work with IT departments for a balance of customized and standardized options.  The panelists added their diverse perspectives on: 1) Positioning - determine potential buyer's needs 2) Listening to your customers 3) Prioritizing potential buyers 4) Keeping it genuine

Read the article in Technori here