Procured Health Graduates from Catapult

Procured Health Blog

Catapult Chicago bids farewell to its latest graduate Procured Health and wishes them the best of luck in their new offices. Procured Health, founded by Hani Elias, Will Danford, Eric Meizlich, joined Catapult in June 2012. At the time, it was a promising young startup out of New York's Blueprint Health digital accelerator. During their tenure at Catapult, Procured Health has grown and prospered, culminating in $4 Million Series A funding from FCA Venture Partners in March 2014.

We are happy to say that Procured Health has outgrown Catapult - as is the goal of all of our companies!

Procured Health is a leading developer of web-based solutions to improve evaluation and purchasing of medical products by healthcare providers. Its innovative services include a comparative device-information platform and a product-evaluation workflow solution that enables members to understand industry dynamics, identify competition, discover opportunities, and accelerate decision making and implementation.